Monday, June 6, 2011

Nicaragua Trip Day 2

So the second day of our week long trip to Nicaragua was a travel day. We woke up early in Orlando, flew to Miami and then flew to Managua. Since we arrived in Managua after dark we needed to stay one night at the Best Western hotel which is located directly across from the airport. Traveling by car from one city to another after sundown is not advised in Nicaragua. It was a great day as I love to travel and enjoy flying and airports and layovers and all that kind of stuff. It was extra exciting to be on our way out of the country, something I hadn't done in over ten years and something that Becky had never done before at all. We were both pretty amazed that we were on our way to check out a place that we were going to be living in for the next five years. We had gone from dreaming out loud in the kitchen to really going to see a foreign country. I know I keep saying that we were excited, but we were, really. Check out the video below for a few highlights of the day.

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