Saturday, January 8, 2011

God the Provider - Tommy

Hey everybody! I just wanted to throw in my two cents on something really cool that God did for us this week. As most of you maybe know, Becky and I are taking a nine day trip to Nicaragua at the end of this month to take a look around and do some research in preparation for moving down there this September. As we were budgeting for the trip and planning for how many dollars it was going to take we had an unexpected expense related to the excursion throw into the mix. It was a rather significant sum but we had the money and it wasn't a huge deal, but still it didn't exactly make me really happy.

At the end of the day I sucked it up and chose to believe that God would take care of it since He has a pretty good track record for that kind of thing. Well sure enough He did! I got a call from some friends who told me that they wanted to help with our trip and was going to write us a check for guess how much? That's right, the EXACT amount of our unexpected expense! Neither Becky nor I had said anything to anyone about this at all. God strikes again!

Thank you Lord for filling the hearts of your people with so much love and concern and kindness for each other and thanks to our friends who have been there in so many ways big and small for a very long time. God is good and He will provide. We are so out on a limb for Him right now (at least by our standards) but I have never felt as secure in His will and provision as I do right now.


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